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Hey guys, I'm Devinsaurus, dinosaur lover and monster lover! I'm kinda new around her on NewGrounds. I'm a commissioner, sharing my collected OC commissioned artworks I ordered from known porn artists like Aeolus06, Dsan, VividDaze & Wagner.

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devinsaurusnext's News

Posted by devinsaurusnext - 2 weeks ago

It's a new year in 2020, Chinese New Year of the Rat! Here is my first OC Update of 2020.

  1. New change in the OC lore: the Nozamian race (the futa extraterrestrial race I created) is scrapped from the OC lore, including my first two OCs Diantha and Mei's status as half-Nozamians, instead, my first two OCs' two cocks are due to a extremely rare genetic mutation known in futa-borns and their semen has a unusually aphrodisiac, delicious smell that has a calming/lustful effect on both parties during intercourse resides in both cocks.
  2. Change the cup size for Diantha, Mei, Gina, Jennifer, Atsuko, Jun, the upcoming Estelle, and Kokoro (coming next year) from D-cup to F-cup (Since my futa OCs are ranged between 6'0-6'2, a D-cup on a tall female/futa OC is rather small!)
  3. New character sheets for my first 2 OCs Diantha and Mei coming in the future, for new casual clothes, swimwear, and accessories, with new workout and lounge wear.


Posted by devinsaurusnext - December 14th, 2019

Since 2019 is almost over in 18 days until 2020 (January 1st), here are some final OC update details.

  1. My 6th OC Yu was renamed Yang, after one of the titular protagonists of Rooster Teeth Originals' RWBY.
  2. My 5th OC Ayako was renamed Atsuko, after the main protagonist of Netflix & Studio Trigger's Little Witch Academia.
  3. All the character sheets of my OCs are all been updated, including their new occupations.
  4. New change in the OC lore: Instead of turning normal females into futanari (don't want to turn anyone's female OCs into futa though!), the blue semen in the upper cocks of the Nozamian race (the futa extraterrestrial race I created), including my first two OCs Diantha and Mei (which are half-Nozamians), is mutagenic and sea blue and/or dark blue in color, but with an unusually aphrodisiac, delicious smell that has a calming/lustful effect on both parties during intercourse. More details here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/.....it?usp=sharing
  5. 7th OC story feat. my 8th new OC Estelle is completed. Doing my 8th OC story feat. Atsuko's older sister Kokoro coming in 2021.


2 new OCs coming in 2020 and 2021 respectively, the final members of my OC lineup. Their names below:

  • 8th OC - Estelle Garnet Bell

7th futa OC; 3rd African-American in the lineup; the older sister of my 3rd OC Gina; the second cousin of my 1st OC Diantha; Similar in height to Diantha, Mei, and Jennifer (6' 2").

  • 9th OC - Kokoro Kiryuin Blake

First non-futa female and 2nd Japanese-American in the lineup; the older sister of my 5th OC Atsuko; Similar in height to height to Diantha, Mei, and Jennifer (6' 2").


Posted by devinsaurusnext - November 17th, 2019

I've reached 200 fans! Thanks guys! 😁

Posted by devinsaurusnext - September 20th, 2019

Wanted to see that I'm not the only one who has double-cock futa OCs. Comment your double-dick OCs on Twitter!


Posted by devinsaurusnext - September 11th, 2019

I decided to change the OC lore around my alien race, the Nozamaians, same for my first two OCs Diantha and Mei. Their mutagenic sea blue/dark blue - colored semen in their upper members will not turned normal females into futanari. Instead, it produce an unusually aphrodisiac, delicious smell that has a calming effect on both parties during intercourse.


Posted by devinsaurusnext - April 9th, 2019

Today is my 24th birthday!



Posted by devinsaurusnext - March 13th, 2019

I came across this site (www.mrinitialman.com/OddsEnds/…) to compare the heights of my OCs!


  • Diantha, Mei and Ayako are 6'2"
  • Gina is 5'9"
  • Jennifer and Yu are 6'3"

Posted by devinsaurusnext - March 4th, 2019

#DrawYourOCInThis Challenge #1

Hey guys, draw your OC in this? Looks cute and super sexy!

Contest here -> https://twitter.com/devinsaurusnsfw/status/1100633023069020160





There is no deadline for it!


Posted by devinsaurusnext - March 3rd, 2019

My friend VividDaze's begins voting on Twitter! So, choose your favorite!

The poll is here: https://twitter.com/DazeVivid/status/1102377361343950848

Example below!




Posted by devinsaurusnext - February 27th, 2019

Which one of these 4 colors of this Sexy Chinese Style Crop Top Long Sleeve is perfect for my 2nd OC Mei's new casual wear coming soon during Aeolus' 2019 streams?

Go vote here! -> https://goo.gl/forms/scCe7eMzqKKC1XY52